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Student Council

Students of Mahatai School participate in physical, mental, emotional social and moral activities in the spirit of the motto of the school “Honesty, Gratitude, Industry and Generosity” the student council is a mechanism to promote students gratitude skills in the public consciousness of the autonomous self and its potential use is to benefit themselves and others. The student council of Mahatai School has five purposes.
1. To create public consciousness of the works to the public.
2. To create the ethics in the motto of the school “Honesty, Gratitude, Industry and Generosity”.
3. Practice self governing and management and activities.
4. To give the students a chance to participate in various activities to prepare them for life and society.
5. To give confidence and raise morale for the student to work in the future.

Social Activities

The community service unit works in conjunction with Pattaya, Repairing electrical appliances to the community without any charge. His Majesty the King conferred the Royal Trophy to school for its social project ‘Rak-jai-Khun’, which won the first prize. This was a visit project to the home of forsaken senior citizens (2000).

Religious Activities

Religious Activities. Students coming to the Pattaya Redemptorist school for people with disabilities does not have limitations that everyone must be Christian. Everyone has equal right in all activities. When there is an important religious day, Facilitate to allow its students to perform religious activities to their beliefs. For Buddhists, they can make merit on the important day such as Bucha day Visakha