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6 Vocational Curriculums and 1 Basic Curriculum

There are 6 Vocational Curriculums and 1 basic course. All students have completed Junior High School. Except those on the electronics course. The school opened a course of basic education for the disabled people who have not had the opportunity to study at basic levels, so that they have a chance to study like others people in Society.

In the library

In addition to studying in the classroom the school has a library for students to use so they can learn more in the library. There are many books and students can use the Internet.

Educational Trip

We aren’t only studying in classes or studying in the school. We provide the opportunities for the students to learn outside the classroom by going on fieldtrip every year.

Academic Contest

Mahatai School provides supports for every class to compete in Academic Contests. It provides the Academic Contests in the school and brings the students to Academic Contests in nationally and internationally.
Narong Rattanasopa, a computer teacher and outstanding alumnus, won the gold medal for Windows Programming at the National Abilympics (2004) and silver medal for Website Development at the National Abilympics (2000)